Take Action: Write a Letter, Save a Life

Participate in the global partnership to end tuberculosis.

Sign the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IUATLD) "Cure For All" Declaration

Join the worldwide Stop TB movement.

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Use all or part of this letter to send a message to your Government representatives. Please edit and expand this letter to reflect your concerns and ideas:

I wish to congratulate your government on its expanded commitment to overseas development assistance and salute your participation in the Okinawa resolution of the G-8 to reduce poverty and diseases of poverty like tuberculosis.

TB is much more than a health concern. It is a complex socio-economic problem that impedes human development and traps the world's poorest and most marginalized in a vicious circle of disease and poverty. Confronting TB requires action from both individuals and government.

Canada has the opportunity to make a difference in the global fight against TB. Directly Observed Treatment, Short- course (DOTS) works and if we were to apply it on a global scale, efficiently, we could envision the eradication of TB. "DOTS: TB cure for all" calls for equitable access to TB services for anyone who has TB, free from discrimination—rich or poor, man or woman, adult or child, imprisoned or free—and including other vulnerable groups such as people with HIV or drug-resistant TB.

I urge you to increase Canada's leadership role by contributing resources to programs and organizations working to fight TB.

Send your letter to the Prime Minister.

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